This month's goal:

  • Let's take a moment to think about what really makes us feel good, helps us grow, and keeps us committed.
  • Think about the things that may be weighing us down unnecessarily and the price we pay for taking on burdens and obligations that don't really matter.
  • Ask yourself: is it worth giving up long-term happiness for a quick fix of satisfaction?

When it comes to career, business, and hobbies, here's a deeper look at how they matter to me:

  • Work has a big impact on my well-being and social status.
  • Financial stability plays a role in the choices and opportunities I have in life.
  • Pursuing my interests and passions adds more quality to my life.
  • It's important to be logical and plan ahead. Take the time to see the bigger picture and understand what needs to be done. Once you have a clear plan, commit to it wholeheartedly. Stay focused, stay committed, and get things done.

A little chat with myself:

  • Am I focusing too much on setting boundaries and missing out on personal growth that sometimes comes from stepping out of my comfort zone?
  • Have I considered the downsides, like getting distracted, spreading myself too thin, or stressing out from taking on too much?
  • Are there other ways my perspective might be limited?

So, here's what I think:

Setting boundaries and getting distracted are two different things. Making small adjustments and learning to say 'no' when needed can actually make me happier and more satisfied with life. But, I shouldn't solely focus on boundaries and avoid discomfort altogether. It's okay to push myself a bit and embrace challenges and new experiences from time to time. It might even lead to acquiring new skills and gaining fresh perspectives.

Current Work at IStudentPlus

We're currently going through a team transition to make sure our two new strategies are successful. We've also set long-term goals to keep us focused.


I've started scheduling my screen time and shooting days. It's important to find a balance and make time for exploration too.


  • Learn more about AI
  • For personal development, I'm taking courses in creative and marketing studies, as well as English courses to improve my skills.

Building Habits

  • To practice sitting down with discomfort and letting go.
  • Making sure to incorporate a daily walk and some weightlifting into my routine.

Reading List

  • Hook Point

Let's do it better?

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