It’s the perfect blend that I was looking for in my travel experience.

Singapore For 3 Days 2 Nights:

Day 1:
Arrival and check-in at the hotel
Rest and relax at the hotel
Explore the nearby attractions, such as Henderson Waves – Southern Ridges
Have dinner at one of the recommended restaurants, such as Tamarind Hill or Greenwood Fish Market @Quayside Isle
Day 2:
Start the day with a leisurely stroll around the hotel or Sentosa area
Enjoy a delicious breakfast in the open and spacious breakfast area
Take part in the various activities available in the hotel or Sentosa, such as swimming, spa treatments, or visiting attractions
Explore the local markets and shops for some souvenir shopping
Indulge in a scrumptious lunch at a nearby restaurant
Day 3:
Spend the morning relaxing at the hotel or Sentosa
Check-out from the hotel

My review:

This place is amazing! I didn’t think I would find such a unique and immersive experience in Singapore, but here I found it. Having the chance to stay in this quiet, peaceful, and nature-filled hotel in Singapore made me feel this country is special, they have everything.

The atmosphere:

Upon entering the hotel area, I don’t feel the typical Singaporean vibe. Instead, there is a completely different ambiance where I feel surrounded by nature and a unique experience.

The reasons I like it and the reasons you will like it too?

First off, the rooms are huge and designed in a traditional and rustic style, which adds a charming touch to the overall experience.

But that’s not all. What really makes this place stand out is the little things that make a big difference. For instance, you’ll notice a delightful fragrance filling the air as soon as you walk in. Besides sarung, the traditional garment, personal notes, they even give an old-school water cup, showing their dedication to making your stay different and unique.

Plus, the staff goes above and beyond to make you feel welcome, making your stay a truly enjoyable experience.

It’s the best place to unwind and escape from work. You won’t just relax and recharge, but you’ll get to immerse yourself in a unique and unforgettable experience in Singapore.

Here’s something fun:

I was touched to hear my Uber driver share a personal story with me. He told me he proposed his now-fiancée at this hotel three months ago.

As I listened to his story, I felt the genuine joy and love in his voice. Life has a way of surprising us with beautiful moments and unexpected connections even in the midst of our daily routines. I thanked him as we approached my destination for sharing this intimate glimpse into his life. Knowing that love stories like his continue to unfold all around us, I couldn’t help but smile. 

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