Traveling to Bali? Here are some must-know tips for an unforgettable experience:

The Gojek app provides hassle-free transportation, but be cautious, especially in areas where its use may be restricted, such as Canggu. Some drivers may negotiate fares outside of the app, so be careful.

The culinary scene is vibrant in Bali, so be sure to try local delicacies like Babi Guling (suckling pig) and tropical fruits.

Coconut water is a refreshing and hydrating natural drink that can help you beat the heat and supplement your body with minerals it needs.

Dealing with Locals:
While Bali's locals are known for their warmth, be cautious when dealing with money. Ask seasoned travelers for recommendations for trusted private drivers and services. Some may overcharge or engage in other dubious practices.

Avoiding Monkeys:
It is best to maintain a safe distance from Bali's monkeys as they can be quite assertive when it comes to stealing belongings in exchange for food. Keep your valuables close at hand to avoid any monkey business.

No Motorbikes:
It's advisable to avoid riding motorbikes if you do not know how to navigate Bali's busy streets. Accidents are unfortunately common among novice riders, so prioritize safety.

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