Marina's place has left a lasting impression on me.

Since then, I've been constantly drawn to seeking out brighter environments, aiming higher, and finding inspiration in small details like notes and postcards. Marina's background, particularly her ability to afford such a lifestyle, has motivated me to pursue a more fulfilling and enriching way of living. Seeing how I learn to be able spending for my family has shifted my perspective, encouraging me to invest more in meaningful experiences for my loved ones. Embracing this mindset has brought a sense of balance and fulfillment into my life.

During our last day together, my sister told me: Goodbye, but we leave a memory behind.

The serendipity of our subletting experience on Charles Street made me reflect on the city's unique opportunities, where even a temporary stay can instill lasting memories.


The apartment was filled with laughter, shared meals, and quiet moments of reflection. In the morning we woke up to a classic rock playlist because Mum loves it, and I would bother my sister with it.

In spite of the insane cold, our family's adventures were framed by snow views from the top floor, etching their memories into our collective memory. We've had friends from San Antonio visit us as well.

As we packed our bags and prepared to move on, I found comfort in knowing that our time in the West Village had left an imprint not just on us, but on the space itself. Throughout the hallways, our laughter echoed, our footsteps imprinted, and our presence lingered. These memories was very special to me.

Although we said goodbye to our temporary home, we left much more than an empty apartment behind. We left behind a piece of ourselves, a testament to the moments we shared and our memories made. As we embarked on new adventures, I carried with me the reassurance that our time in the West Village would forever remain a treasured memory.

How do I find them?

Facebook Group.

In spite of being an adventure in itself, subletting in New York City proved to be a rewarding experience for my family and me. The first step was to find a temporary residence in the heart of NYC in order to fully immerse ourselves in its vibrant atmosphere.

In my search for housing in New York, I came across a Facebook community group dedicated to it. It seemed like the perfect place to begin my search. My search led me to find a sublease in the coveted West Village neighborhood. In spite of the lure of cheaper options in Brooklyn, my family and I were determined to stay in Manhattan for convenience and the quintessential NYC experience.

How much does it cost to sublease?

$125 per night.

As soon as I saw the apartment on Charles Street between Bleecker and Hudson, I was captivated. Despite its bright, spacious, and top-floor views, the description was reasonably priced for the location and amenities. The price was $1750 for 14 nights, which worked out to $125 per night. Although it seemed a bit steep compared to other options, I couldn't ignore the allure of the West Village.

As I discovered about the apartment's regular rent, it was a staggering $4300. This translated into $139 per night. Our short-term sublease arrangement seemed to be quite a bargain considering I will only pay $125 per night.

Why West Village?

Aside from its prime location, the West Village exuded an undeniable charm. Walking its quaint streets was like stepping back in time, with its iconic brownstones and tree-lined avenues evoking an ethereal elegance. As we explored the neighborhood daily, we were surrounded by a picturesque backdrop of history and architectural beauty, creating a sense of nostalgia and romance.

Moreover, the West Village's culinary scene proved to be a delicious highlight of our time in the city. There were a wide variety of dining options available in the neighborhood, ranging from cozy cafes to trendy restaurants to classic bistros to hidden gems. No matter what our mood was, the West Village never failed to satisfy our cravings and delight our taste buds.

Thank you NYC x

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