• The greatest self-gift? Embracing fresh encounters and experiences.
  • Progressing means thinking realistically. Romance during travel can be exhilarating and enjoyable, it rarely translates into a sustainable long-term connection.
  • I've learned the importance of seeking solutions rather than dwelling on complaints a.k.a. my experience with camping HAHA
  • Being kind to myself and others is something I cherish.


1.Which is better, knowing how big the world is but not being able to explore or not realizing its size and exploring it?

Whenever I see kids, I wish they had a great education and learned how big the world is, but at the same time, I feel sad for those who have a great education but can't leave because of economics or politics. Sometimes I think it's best if they don't know too much about the world, so they can be happier. Would that be fair? --> lead to next q.

2.Is it "knowing" the issue or the "attitude"?

Individuals equipped with a proper education typically exhibit a more positive attitude towards problem-solving. Their education empowers them to effectively cope with challenges, contributing to nation-building and fostering eventual societal change. Awareness of a situation shouldn't breed hopelessness; maintaining a positive attitude is crucial. While extensive knowledge isn't necessary, possessing the right mindset is indispensable.

My answer:
My preference lies in the freedom to explore without the constraints of knowing the world's size precisely. To me, the essence lies in the act of exploration itself, as it embodies action and discovery. Mere knowledge without the experience of exploration holds little significance. Understanding the world but being unable to explore it renders that knowledge futile. The power lies in both knowing and experiencing, even if we revisit the same places repeatedly, for each encounter brings new interactions and life scenarios. It instills a hope for further exploration, a hope that fuels the desire to delve deeper. Conversely, being knowledgeable but unable to explore often leads to fear and a sense of inadequacy through comparison. However, through experience, one learns to adapt and confront reality head-on.

3.The greatest gift one can offer is "hope." - Think like a politician.

Whether it's hope for a reunion, a satisfying meal, a brighter future, or the assurance of companionship, hope serves as a beacon of optimism. Cultivating hope within oneself is equally vital.


Why do I do what I do?

Honestly, I've often asked myself this question, wondering why I willingly take on unnecessary challenges, albeit with a sense of gratitude.

  • Perhaps it's because I grew up on a small island.
  • Maybe it serves as a reminder of how far I've come. It could be my way of acknowledging that life is not bad, especially considering how people from these countries manage to survive.
  • Or maybe it's my curiosity about how they tackle their own challenges.

I travel with the hope of gaining deeper insights into the world, staying humble, continuously learning, and fostering understanding of others. =

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