My desire to explore is a journey in itself.

Honestly, when did I last talk to myself?

Letting go of someone you used to be close with can be really tough. There are times when you don't feel as strongly about them anymore, and it seems easier to move on. But if you're still feeling upset, starting something new with someone else can seem very hard. I've found that keeping myself busy and not thinking too much about relationships seems to help me get through. But, I've started to realize that I might be avoiding not just the idea of getting into a new relationship but also not being honest with myself about what I really need and want.

That 'someone' is you.

Have I asked myself what I want?

Like, when I'm doing errands, I try to be super quick so I don't keep anyone waiting. This means I sometimes don't organize my stuff the way I like. When I go out with someone, I let them choose where we go, and I'm okay with paying half, even if I didn't enjoy it. It made me think, why don't I say what I want, especially when someone else has invited me out? I've learned that by not talking about what I need or like, I miss the chance to make these moments better or even be okay with just being by myself.

Do others see me like I see myself? OR do I see myself the way others see me?

My travels have become a point of introspection. Initially, I thought I needed a grand reason for my wanderlust, perhaps to seem more interesting to others. But I've come to understand that my desire to explore is a journey in itself. It's not about seeking validation from others but about satisfying my own curiosity and desire to uncover the new and unknown.

Unless I have to, I don't need to explain to others. Keep.It.To.Myself

All of this has taught me how important it is to be honest with myself. It's good to look back at my old habits or relationship to others as lessons. I want to be in situations where it's okay to say what I think and feel, not just go along with what everyone else wants. It's about being fair to others but also making sure I don't forget what I need.

For anyone else finding it hard to move on from the 'old toxic' you, it's fine to remember the fun times, but don't let your 'used to' stop you from being happy now. We all should be in relationships where we feel listened to and cared for. This starts with being honest with ourselves and others about what we really want. Moving on isn't about forgetting the past; it's about learning from it and being open to new happiness and adventures. By talking honestly to ourselves and trying new things, we can look forward to a happier and more exciting future.

How to Keep Moving Forward: Cindy's Ways 🕶️

1. Write Down How You Feel

First, it's okay to feel whatever you're feeling. Writing it down helps. Ask yourself: What am I feeling? Why do I feel this way?

2. Think About What Keeps You Going

You don't need to have all the answers right away. What's important is knowing what makes you happy or excited. For me, taking photos or making videos with friends helps me feel better when I'm bored or not feeling motivated.

3. Find Answers by Spending Time Alone

Sometimes, the answers we need are inside us. Spend some time alone, maybe go for a walk, and ask yourself hard questions like, "Why did I do that?" or "What can I learn from this?"

4. Plan Your Next Steps

After you've thought about it, start making a plan. It could be small daily tasks or bigger life changes. The important thing is to make a plan that helps you move forward.

5. Do Something - THE.MOST.IMPORTANT

The most important thing is to start doing something. It could be trying a new hobby, talking to friends, or getting help from a professional. What matters is that you're taking steps forward.

6. Try New Things

Be open to new experiences. Sometimes, the things we need come to us in ways we don't expect. Be ready to try new things and see where they take you.

7. Look Back and Change If Needed

Keep checking in with yourself to see how things are going. If something isn't working, it's okay to change your plan. Learning about yourself is a big part of moving forward.

Lastly, Take Care of Yourself

Looking after yourself is super important. Find things that make you feel good, like exercising, reading, or being outside. Doing things that make you happy is a big part of moving forward.

Moving forward means finding out what you need and want, then doing things to make it happen.
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