This month's goal:

  • To reflect on the past year and plan for the next, consider areas for improvement.

Describe 2023 in one word: OPPORTUNITY abounds.

  • Seize the opportunity to work with new people and build a team in Indonesia and Vietnam.
  • Explore new places – India and Taiwan.
  • Join international conferences in Malaysia and recently in Sydney.
  • Request more opportunities for next year – speaking in international events/conferences, travel to Africa, and study options.
  • Take the opportunity to date someone far away, embark on a year-long journey of dating with no plan, experiencing uncertainty, and ultimately finding the strength to say goodbye in a good way and learn from the lesson.
  • Let go, manage the workload, surround myself with the right people, and enjoy life.

A little chat with myself:

  • For the international conferences and speaking opportunities: Which events/organizations are being reviewed? Interesting topics/areas to address? How can your participation contribute uniquely while providing learning?
  • Regarding the travel destinations: What interests attract you to places like India, Taiwan, Indonesia, and Vietnam? How does exploring these contexts help broaden perspectives or advance goals?
  • On potential study programs: Areas of interest? How can formal study enhance informal personal development and learning? Which programs are worth exploring?
  • Concerning the intercultural relationship: How might examining romance-related issues provide insights relevant to broader goals? Do you really need to focus on this matter at the moment?
  • How can analyzing motivation, learning outcomes and professional/personal development optimize opportunities? What frameworks can contextualize topics like globalization, cross-cultural exchange or transnationalism?

So, here's what I think:

International Conferences:

This year, I have identified a few events that could be beneficial in advancing my work on international educaiton and cultural exchange. Participating in similar events would allow me to expand my network among scholars in the industry. My goal is to become a speaker at one of these events in 2024, which would enable me to reach a wider audience, challenge myself to articulate my ideas more effectively, and enhance my personal branding.

Travel Destinations:

I am interested in exploring India, Taiwan, and Vietnam because of their rich cultural and historical backgrounds as well as distinct points of view. By immersing myself in their culture, I hope to gain real-world experiences that will complement my knowledge. I am particularly drawn to India as its diversity and pluralism can offer lessons to many nations.

My goal is to travel abroad in 2024 so that I have the opportunity to reflect on my own perspectives, which is essential for an academic focusing on intercultural issues, personal growth and better networking. My list to go: Africa, Middle East, China.

Study Programs:

I think taking graduate-level courses on migration law to enhance my work perspective. Formal education can provide the infrastructure that I lacked while pursuing solo research. In addition, it can help me connect with new peer communities. Although a certificate may not good enough for my long-term goals, taking specific courses from programs in these fields seems like a worthwhile investment. My goal is to do online courses specifically in English, marketing and Indonesian law.

Intercultural Relationships:

HAHA for this one..

Prioritizing a career in one's 20s offers independence but delays dating. It's common for people in their 20s to focus on their careers and I wonder if I wait until my 30s to start dating, will it be harder to find someone I really click with?

Honestly, I think with more life experience, I'll be better able to recognize what I am looking for in a partner, and what red flags to avoid. Kindness, humour, and curiosity are all great qualities to look for in a partner.

It's also important to remember that you don't need a romantic partner to have a fulfilling life, and there's no "expiration date" on finding love. Approach dating with an open, patient, and self-assured mindset..

Overall Goals:

Taking a step back, attending conferences and travelling can help me engage with new ideas and people from different places. These experiences can complement my independent research skills and allow me to more effectively analyze cultural dynamics on both local and global levels.

I believe that a balanced and experiential approach to learning is the best way to nurture my long-term contributions in education, and development – personally and professionaly.

Current Work To Be Reviewed:


Creative - Photography/Videography

Exploration - Travel + Education

Habits - Sleep + Exercise

Reading List

Merry Christmas 2023 and Happy New Year 2024!

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