As I thought about how to conclude my year, I ultimately decided to reconnect with many past friends and acquaintances whom I was unable to see this year.


Since my high school days, my sister and I have been exchanging postcards. This motivated me to start a project involving them. Interestingly, my mother had been captivated by stamp collecting since childhood. So, I began displaying the postcards I received from Indonesia.

The Message

I invite you to send me a DM or email at with your details. I will send you a postcard before November ends. This is a simple opportunity to reach out, share the love, and perhaps even become better friends.


Although technology has enabled instant communication, there is something truly special about receiving a postcard. Rather than being limited to distant friends, postcards can also be sent to those close by, giving the recipient a feeling of delight in being thought of specifically. While not as common nowadays, postcards still provide a certain kind of thrill that other methods of communication simply cannot replicate.

Reach me out at

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